Dental Implants: Case Study Gallery

(please note that the following are clinical photographs and the before implant images, may be unpleasant to view)

Implant Case Studies

Case 1

This patient had a number of complex problems with gum disease, tooth loss and broken down teeth. Four upper teeth were removed, and seven dental implants were strategically positioned to anchor a set of fixed teeth.


Implant case study 1 before picture implant case study 1 after picture

Case 2

This patient had worn a full lower denture for several years. Over time, it began to shift during meals as the floor of his mouth was very flat. To address this, four were inserted to provide support for a fixed screw retained bridge.


case study 2 before picture implant case study 2 after picture

Case 3

After a severe accident, the patient experienced the loss of both upper front teeth. Subsequently, a grafting procedure was performed, and two dental implants were installed to provide support for two crowns.


implant case study 3 before picture implant case study 3 after picture

Case 4

After losing four lower front teeth, this patient wore a plastic denture. Dissatisfied with both the feel and appearance of the denture, the patient opted for a permanent solution, choosing to have a fixed four-unit bridge supported by two implants.


Case study 4 before picture implant case study 4 after picture