What are Dental Implants?

If you need tooth restoration, dental implants are an excellent and permanent solution that can restore the functionality and appearance of your teeth. Strong titanium or zirconium implants can be fused to the jawbone and then capped with a crown or bridge to look and operate like natural teeth.

Beechwood Dental are committed to providing you with a beautiful and healthy smile that looks and feels entirely natural. With dental implants, you can achieve exactly that, and you and those around you won’t even see a difference between your implants and your natural teeth.

Transparent image of a dental implant in the mouth

What options are there with Implants?

  • Single Implant Restoration – In cases where you are missing a single tooth a dental implant and crown may be an ideal solution. Here, an implant is placed which serves as a foundation for a ceramic crown. Using this method neighbouring teeth are not compromised and bone loss that is associated with the missing tooth area is halted.
  • Supporting Dental BridgesIn cases where a number of adjacent teeth are missing, implants may be used to support a bridge. Here, one or more dental implants are placed and serve as a method of firmly fixing a bridge. Unlike the traditional bridge preparation, which requires supporting teeth to be ground down, this method protects the remaining healthy teeth while also protecting further loss of natural bone associated with tooth loss.
  • Anchoring Dentures – In cases where many or all teeth are missing, dental implants may be used to anchor a denture. Here, multiple strategically placed implants are placed to ensure that the denture is securely attached. A number of treatment options are possible including removable dentures, fixed on an implant bar and screw-retained bridge. Unlike a traditional denture, this method does not require the use of adhesive and ensures more comfort and functionality for the patient.

Interested in Dental Implants?

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