3-D Imaging (CT Scan)

At Beechwood Dental we continually invest in the very latest and best technology available. Our ongoing commitment to delivering premium patient care, combines our years of clinical experience & excellence with the latest technology.
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What is a CT Imaging machine?

The CT Imaging (3-D scan) machine in Beechwood Dental is an OP 3D Pro - the most comprehensive 3-in-1 platform designed for today and tomorrow, covering the entire maxillofacial region.

Dose Reduction with Low Dose TechnologyTM.

Our OP 3D Pro provides us with the ability to use Low Dose Technologyâ„¢ (LDT) for patients, which provides quality optimised low dose scans at up to an 80% reduction in dosing compared to the standard 3D acquisition protocol* while keeping the clinical value still intact.

Precision for every patient:

Precision for every patient via our 3D images provides valuable information vital to our team for your diagnosis and determining the best course of treatment. Evaluation of different morphologies is easy as the region of interest can be viewed from all directions. Automatic Dose Control for 3D with the proprietary ADC feature, allows patient-specific exposure settings to be obtained automatically providing premium quality images at the optimal dose for you our patients. The precision of OP 3D Pro is founded on the carefully optimized image quality parameters of each program. Both the volume and the resolution can be selected according to the indication and region of interest.


CT imaging 3d scan machine picture 1

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