What is Digital Dentistry?

According to Wikipedia, "Digital Dentistry refers to the use of dental technologies or devices that incorporates digital or computer-controlled components to carry out dental procedures rather than using mechanical or electrical tools. The use of digital dentistry can make carrying out dental procedures more efficient than using mechanical tools, both for restorative as diagnostic purposes. Used as a way to facilitate dental treatments and propose new ways to meet rising patient demands."


Here at Beechwood Dental we have always prided ourselves on keeping up to date with the very latest and best technologies available. Technologies that will support our drive for excellence in patient care, and will ensure that our reputation as one Europe's leading dental clinics remains firmly in place.

Our newly refurbished clinic has an enhanced & fully equipped in-house laboratory, as well as a new larger CT imaging room.

Find out more about our 3D CT Imaging services and our 3-D Dental prosthetic Printing services.