(Emergency appointments are given as a priority to Beechwood patients, but we will work to accommodate non patients, as long as we sustain PPR and our health).

At Beechwood Dental we have gone to great efforts to provide a safe environment to provide dental care.
This commitment to our strict cross infection policy has allowed us to offer Emergency Dental Care during the current COVID-19 crisis.
Whilst our colleagues in hospital work courageously to look after the sick, we are doing our best to keep people out of dental pain and ease the demands on A + E departments with dental complications.

Providing dental care is HIGH RISK because it involves:
– Close contact with the dentist and dental nurse (it is one of the few occasions the 2 meter separation has to be contravened)
– The dental instruments create an aerosol which contains saliva, blood and other contaminants.<br />
For these reasons during the current COVID-19 pandemic we put in place a very strict COVID-19 protocol in treating ONLY emergency patients.

For emergency appointments, please call  01 – 4967526.

(priority given to existing patients)